We have a wide range of diagnostic equipment and the expertise to use it properly. As the amount of electronics in modern cars grows in both quantity and complexity, simply being handy with the spanners just doesn't cut it anymore.

Our experienced technicians can use this equipment to quickly and accurately diagnose problems with your car, resulting in lower labour costs and less time swapping out "probably" parts. Get the job done right first time with cartec.


Servicing and RepairsSERVICING AND REPAIRS

Annual service due? We can perform every maintenance service your vehicle needs, from a minor check to a major milestone service. Because we are a VAT registered business, under european regulations introduced in June 2010, we can service your new or nearly new car and it WILL NOT affect your warranty. There really is no need to pay over the odds for main-dealer servicing any more.

We can also carry out a full range of repairs if and when something does go wrong. From the minor to major, get in touch with your requirements and we'll provide a competitive quote and carry out the work quickly and professionally.



We are fully DOT registered and can carry out your annual MOT. Every car over 3 years old must be tested every year - without this test you'll be unable to tax your vehicle and may find yourself in a grey area regarding insurance. The test will be carried out, while you wait if required, by a fully qualified, registered and experienced technician.We can also carry out the vast majority of any repairs needed to get your vehicle up to the safety standards required by the Department of Transport.